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Indian movie star “Deepika Padukone” reveals she and her sister “Anisha Padukone” would kiss Leonardo DiCaprio’s poster every night before going to bed as kids


Deepika Padukone The Bollywood megastar is an adored far and wide by a huge number of people around the globe. Even though the Bollywood superstar is now married to Ranveer Singh, she had a major crush on a Hollywood heartthrob, Leonardo DiCaprio, during her teenage years — something all girls can undeniably relate to it.
While talking to Vogue India, the Piku actor revealed that she and her sister Anisha had numerous posters of the Titanic actor in their room, which they used to kiss every night.
“My sister Anisha and I shared a room. We used to sit on that sofa… and playhouse, for hours. We also had several posters of Leonardo DiCaprio on the wall and made it a point to kiss him goodnight every night before going to sleep”, she said.
An old Love that has never been forgotten.

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