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Sylvester Stallone sends heartwarming video message to recovering Nick Cordero: ‘You’re the man’


Sylvester Stallone is cheering on Nick Cordero after the Broadway star woke up from his medically induced coma over coronavirus complications.

There’s some good news about a Broadway actor whose near-death battle with COVID-19 has been a symbol of hope and the power of prayer.

Nick Cordero finally woke up after the virus put him in a coma more than six weeks ago. He was put on a ventilator and lost a leg and all the while hospital protocol prevented his wife from being at his side.

Cordero is a Tony actor, nominated for his performance in Broadway’s “Bullets Over Broadway” and more recently a starring role in “A Bronx Tale.”

While Cordero isn’t talking yet, friends said he is responding to yes or no questions through his eyes.

One of his friends and fellow castmates has started a special fundraiser to help Cordero’s family. Inspired by his sisters, who work on the front lines of pandemic, actor Ted Brunetti created special virus protection kits that can be purchased online.

All proceeds will go to help Cordeo and his wife Amanda pay for the substantial medical bills racked up from his treatment, and other COVID-19 related charities.  

Cordero’s wife, Amanda Kloots, who has been keeping her followers up-to-date on her husband’s progress, posted the video to her Instagram Thursday. 

CODE ROCKY!!!!” Kloots captioned the video. “Nick will not believe this! Thank you @officialslystallone”

In the video, Stallone encourages the recovering star. Stallone says the two have never met, but he called Cordero a “born star” and “talented man.”

“I know to have gotten as far as you have gotten, you’ve got what it takes,” Stallone, 73, said. “You have that eye of the tiger, you have that talent, you have that will. You have been dealt a horrible hand. Tough one. And it takes a strong, strong man and a strong family to override that situation. To take it and throw it back into life’s face and say, ‘Guess what? It’s gonna take a lot more than that. I’m the man.’ And you are the man.”

He continued, “You’re a role model for other people that have to overcome incredible odds. All I can say is keep punching — you’re the man.”

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