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Past, Present & Future of Freelancing

The days of getting a good job for average working class and students is GONE.

Now we dream about a job that does not have any restrictions on working hours, work location, and still pays handsomely. Freelancing gives us this opportunity to work from anywhere, anytime, and without having a boss. Apart from good pay, it also gives us a unique and strong network worldwide and the capability to make your own brand. These advantages are countless, but the fact is, Nowadays freelancing is becoming more popular than ever.

In a survey, 70% of freelancers accepted the fact that the best days are still to come in the next five years.

Some quick facts about freelancing:

  • Countries with the highest number of freelancers (Decreasing order): USA, India, Pakistan, UK, Italy, Philippines.
  • 65% of freelancers have their full-time jobs too. They freelance for 2-5 hours every day.
  • Designing is the most popular niche having the highest number of freelancers.
  • The total number of projects outsourced to freelancers is increasing by 20% every quarter.
  • The total money earned by freelancers in 2016 is $1 Trillion.
  • The total number of freelancers is increasing by 9% every quarter.
  • IT and programming experts are 41% of total hires.
  • 25% of today’s freelance jobs did not exist 10 years ago.

According to Transparency Market Research

Many traditional retailers are heading toward bankruptcy and closing off stores, as they are not a part of the digital content creation bandwagon. Since retail buying habits have changed during the previous years, retailers are integrating digital marketing strategies with in-store experiences. This explains why the market share of the retail industry is anticipated to leap ~21% in 2019 to ~26% by 2027 in the market for digital content creation.

Platforms like Models Net TV in the digital content creation market are increasing their R&D activities to enhance in-store experiences for customers. For instance, the #Amazon Go™ stores have set the benchmark for innovating in their interactive digital platform, which is popular for its ‘grab & go’ format. Thus, leading retailers in the digital content creation market are floating engaging marketing strategies to encourage repeat purchases among customers.

Why Us :

Founder and Co-Director of Models Net TV Mr. Kamal Pourhanifeh experienced many years of working in different corporate jobs such as TV channels as program director, and etc… he decided to leave his corporate job and become a freelancer he started as a graphic designer and fashion photographer for many brands and artists, During this time he experienced the challenge of being a freelancer.

Some of the Facts:

Finding the right project with decent pay was such a pain and the competition was getting harder and harder.
As many businesses started to experience bankruptcy due to the world economic crisis and Increasing the world population, many companies which their business requires to hire many employees to serve their clients, are now facing challenges like finding the right workspace.

Try to humble yourself and start small, If you can’t accomplish a small task you won’t be able to start a bigger one, But once you give up your ego eventually you will find yourself free to conquer more areas of success, he says.

Kamal Pourhanifeh

So he decided to solve a problem instead of doing nothing. he starts with running a blog and shared his ideas about a new media platform that he studied many many different online media platforms and online job websites to understand how they think and what they didn’t do right by freelancers. Soon after he made his blog he started to receive several offers for partnership, he chooses to build his business in New Zealand with a businesswoman Mrs. Brown whom she is an entrepreneur for many years and Models Net TV has been registered since 2016 in Christchurch New Zealand as a Television Network.

Models Net TV’s Goals

  • To develop a platform for media content and movie browsers.
  • To develop a platform where freelancers can showcase their talent and find respective projects with verified clients by MNTV Platform
  • To create an environment where media contents can reach to the massive number of the right audience.
  • A platform where advertising won’t be abandoned just like an advertisement and advertisers won’t be left alone.
  • A platform where the audience has a chance to make a business within the platform’s available materials provided by its participants.
  • To educate youth for the future of freelance media practitioners.
  • To provide and monitor the safety of contents and categorize it for all different kind audiences.
  • And so much more

Why Your Donation is So Important For The Cause?

Your donation will bring us closer to our goal of $500,000 for the development of the platform. Many business and community leaders are on board as well as hundreds of individuals. Our freelance community is clearly excited and eager to see this project succeed. You can be a part of that excitement by supporting our youth with any amount of donation. We are happy to acknowledge your donation on our website and at our numerous events, (unless you prefer otherwise).

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